Patient monitoring and alarm system 

Due to the scalable and professional background technology that is used, Care Watch can be used in network configuration in professional settings. Think about private clinics, care homes or community homes.

Care Watch then transforms into a wearable monitoring and alarm device, part of an integral system. Care Watch pro can be seen as the modern version of the traditional nurse call system, giving the possibility to monitor, guard, warn and communicate. 

Up to 4.000 watches

In a Care Watch pro system, both patients and professional care givers wear a Care Watch. For patients Care Watch is a monitoring and alarm device. For care givers Care Watch is like a pager.

A Care Watch pro network can take care of up to 4.000 Care Watches.

A Care Watch pro network is a private area network, built on Ninthway High Secure Network Technology, developed for high end communication in demanding situations (fire security, life saving systems).

All communication is secure, that means that everything possible is done to be absolutely sure the data is transmitted and received in the upmost secure way. The data transmission is encrypted and sent or received messages are acknowledged. Data is transmitted on multiple frequencies, throught multiple channels. That makes the system incredible secure and reliable and suitable for demanding, high end applications like a professional patient monitoring and alarm system.