Take care into your own 


Independent and self-reliant

We will all have to stay at home longer. We will need to take care ourselves for help and support when we need it. Independency is the key. 

With Care Watch you will be able to take care into your own hands. You won't have to 'bother' your loved ones. Care Watch will be connected to a professional service centre where professionals can arrange the right help and care immediately, when needed. 

This is how it works

Care Watch + Base Station

You will subscribe to the Care Watch service with one of the providers. Care Watch goes with a base station that makes the connection with the alarm panel in the cloud. All equipment will be installed and configurated by an installer. 

Alarm to a service centre

In case of emergency, an alarm is sent to the medical service centre. The professional can immediately arrange the right help. 

Follow up

Depending on the situation, follow up can be arranged with your GP, the hospital or family.

Do you want to know more?

Please contact Martine Bal


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