Alarm button

In case of emergency press the red button. A voice link will be established and an aid worker will inform and instruct.

Long battery autonomy

6 months autonomy, and you do not need to take it off to charge it. The watch is charged through a power stick.

Ergonomic & skin friendly

Accidents always occur once you take it off. So you don't need to. Care Watch is designed to be comfortable and non irritating, to enable you to keep it on. Always.

Watertight design

Carry the watch under any circumstance, even during shower.

Temperature & heart beat measurement

When temperature lowers or raises too fast, an alarm will be transmitted to the base station. The same for any irregular changes in heart beat.

Zero gravity/drop down detection

Both zero gravity as displacement calculation determine whether someone is on the floor and raises an alarm.

Live speech connection

A professional medical aid will make contact.

Graphical Oled display

Shows time, day and date on demand.

Alarm: prescription alarm, birthdays, appointments. 





Care Watch is primarily an alarm device. In case of emergency (drop down, irregularity in temperature or heart beat) an alarm is given and a live speech connection is established with a professional aid worker.

Care Watch can be individually programmed with different kinds of time events, like taking medicines, appointments, birthdays, starting regular exercises or other calendar items.

The sensors in the watch provide data about temperature, heart beat and movement. This data can be used for long term monitoring and data analysis.

Individual alarm settings

Care Watch can be individually programmed with different kind of alarms. Alerts and reminders can be given by a sound, icon, light flash, text message, vibration signal or spoken message. Of course a combination of warning signals can be made. In that way, Care Watch can be programmed to the individual needs and wishes of the independent senior.



Spoken messages


Text messages


Just a radio link is just not enough

Everything around us becomes wireless. And that makes it busy. How do we guarantee capacity, reliability, security and availability? Especially in life saving systems, we must be able to count on the technology.

That's why we use private area networks, instead of open networks. The Care Watch system uses non hackable operating systems.

In the Care Watch system all communication is encrypted and private, within a private network. Access to the system is established through entry levels with secured authorisation.